Laboratory Ratings System

Finding a quality lab to work in is hard, especially if you don’t know anyone that works there or if your inquiries on social media about it just missed a someone that could have been a valuable resource. There are many good labs and there are some bad ones.

To help with the job-seeking journey, we created a survey to ascertain the pros and cons of the lab you currently work in and/or the labs that you have worked in within the last 5 years. It takes less than 2 minutes.

Our goal is to create a database of as many labs as possible in the U.S. to help potential job seekers identify the labs that best fit their needs. The aim is to get as many responses as possible to provide a balanced view of each lab. We want to hear from laboratorians who believe their lab is a great place to work or believe it needs lots of improvement, and everyone in between.

We will give a free Laboratory Ratings System Report to each laboratorian that request it per year. If interested, please contact us at with “Laboratory Ratings System” in the Subject line and the name of the lab you are interested in, in the email. We will try to accommodate your request in a timely manner. If you would like more than one Laboratory Ratings System Report, please contact us.

Please help us obtain ratings for each lab by taking the survey below and by sharing with your fellow laboratorians. Thank you.

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