The mission of Seeds of Laboratory Quality Magazine is to highlight Quality Management issues in the laboratory community and to inform front-line laboratorians, supervisors, and managers of quality principles and methods that all levels of the laboratory can utilize in their quality improvement journey.

Low Hanging Fruit is a common term used in quality improvement to describe the identification of process gaps that are tackled with simple solutions, having a large impact on the overall experience of laboratorians and customers alike. The Seeds of Laboratory Quality Magazine (ISSN 2639-0345) is a free, independent e-magazine that seeks to provide a forum for all levels of laboratorians. Whether you work in a biotech, clinical, electronic, pharmaceutical, public health, instrument, calibration, engineering, or veterinary laboratory, your accomplishments in process improvements can help other laboratories in their efforts to improve their processes. No improvements are too small to share and celebrate your achievements.

Content will be published at least monthly. We will feature quality improvement projects (Projects); interviews with quality practitioners (One-on-Ones); articles that focus on quality practices, tools and principles (Quality Cue); and a short segment that will highlight quality tools and definitions (Quality Toolbox) to help you along in your quality journey. The Seeds of Laboratory Quality invites you to submit your process improvement projects and/or quality articles to plant the seed of quality improvement projects throughout the laboratory field.